by TotaMariee   Jul 6, 2011

And like a vampire, you feed on my pain.
You drain my blood like a leech.
And without you i am lifeless
Without a care in the world you float away and leave me on the ground. Broken.
After all, thats where i belong, isn't it?
And tell everyone about me, tell them im a b**ch.
Wallahi it was never a dream to you.
You never saw what i saw when i looked into the future
You never saw a life, or a hope.
Or a miracle come down from jannat ul firdous, like a strong blessing from Allah.
No, You only saw a nightmare.
Something worth only causing me the pain, and consuming my mind, heart, soul, and my time.

So how am i meant to feel now?
Knowing that alone i couldn't survive?

I've been thrown into a vicious ocean, gasping for a breath.
Waiting to be pulled out, while you push a knife into my spine.
Gauging, Deeper, whilst you smile.


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  • 8 years ago

    by Yakori bint Muhammed

    What an emotional poem. Written eloquently, wonder what triggered such thoughts to write a very heart rendering piece.

    In all trials and tribulations we find ourselves in; only God can salvate us. He's Ever Merciful, faith is the only key to having peace of mind. Allah Kareem!

    Keep up the good work, Tabarakallahu!! :-)