Dead Friends and Ideals that carried on a dream...

by Marcus blake   Nov 25, 2011

When we find the way we always lose ourselves, repeating our regrets aloud as if anyone cares to listen
Madness... insanity all these things are found within us, beyond that idea of being content lies my foundation breaking
For no mind is invincible...
I still have this four year old letter in my pocket, and a hand full of ideals that died with some friends of mine
When does death become less important, i decided it be best to not mourn
Hesitation is what killed the man but never the soul wondering if we'd be remembered
Bullets lash out upon some fools who follow there dreams, the better man dies for nothing again
When your left behind one either seeks revenge of lives, what shame is there in living and what gain in revenge
No retribution is ever enjoyed and no matter how many times i run toward my desire, it'll always be the shadow of it
People called us "Heroes" but nothing changed as history marked our names
When fighting brought us closer to our ideals but we always said goodbye to fellow friends
its harder to breath and a crowd has gathered today, what more could they hope but to see a dying dream die
My desire is there at the top of these steps and i have all that i need to attain it
So i ran toward it with my head down bullets flying though me, toward me
I couldn't help but smile as each step became heavier and heavier and blood falling in my path
Though i knew it wouldn't matter because i didn't need to run anywhere this is the one and only way
And as i reach the top barley alive the guns stooped firing i raised my head with tears falling from my eyes
A wounded body, a silent crowd... as i reached into my pocket i handed a man a letter
I turned around those men with guns still aimed at me but i didn't care...
I begin to walk down the stairs reminiscence the times with my friends and staring into the distance
Just than i heard clapping and it grew louder and louder, i sat down on one of the steps weak and dying
I took out a picture i had in my other pocket of a women I'd never see again
Then my eyes begin to slowly close and the claps started to fade
When i opened my eyes there they were my friends, my hometown, and her...

"Nonsense we all have things we must protect, even if that means facing gods" -El Cid-


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