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7-17-09 Life is not what I always thought it's something less then what i thought but like the the unknown i feel for it and now I'm lost...

11-29-09 "Just because you can walk over me... doesn't mean your better at all. All it means is that for now you have the upper hand... "

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  • A year ago from today and yet memories of you are...
    I never knew what words to say like flowers...

  • I'd like to say
    Somewhere beneath...

  • When I say we had our time
    I didn't mean I was content with your death...

  • We were moments in the pocket of our comforter
    And I've seen my share of pain...

  • Far like the moon
    and distant of reach like moments before...

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  • Hearts are material things but they are not idealistic

    8 years ago
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  • Success in life is nothing but driven will

    8 years ago
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  • Destiny is the vision but the idea is never clear

    8 years ago
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