Document VIII "Conversations with Genesis"

by Marcus blake   Jan 15, 2012

What moments are lost in a book with forgotten names
Were we fools for wanting anything more than what was promised
Knowing there was never anything promised...
Thinking back it was fear that lead us to the end
It was happiness that made us forget about the pain but it were there always
Every scar and battle left an amount of things we could not set aside
Unlike baggage we had to carry them with us, as we had to carry on
We had to abandon love for things and each other
Death sought to seize all hope in life
People dieing all around us and without knowing it
It became hard to distinguish between what was good and right...
Searching for a place where feelings are heard
Wondering a wonder and finding a truth inside you
Walking a long road that never seems to end...
There is no simplicity about life, unlike the fragile rain
Not like the distant sun, Nor cold like the moon
Never far like the stars, or comets in space
As feelings make one move on, our hearts always find a new place


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