Creepy Hollow

by Yakori bint Muhammed   Jan 16, 2012

28th March, 2011.

Glory of the dusk grove
Ushers my lane to glare
The pacific ambience
Of the eerie labyrinth

Striding through forlorn
The bird of the night
Stirs jitters within my torso
Choking me with the wind

Petrified I pluck roses
To mold a chromatic bouquet
Culled inside the wooden hamper
Air savoring the incense of the rose

Leaves swish at the slightest
Puff of arctic spring breeze
Reviving my intrinsic grit to equip
My mind in this spooky valley

Excited, the sight of the posy
Soothed my terrified nerves
Wrapping me in the warmth
Of the damp clime of the shore

The sound of the waves twirling
Persistently echoed in the night tide
The nightingale chirps euphonious
To the shadows of the twilight

In the blackness of the hour
I cruise the coast and the coppice
Infinitely every full moon season
To appease my lady of the creeps

(c) Y-MAG


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Latest Comments

  • 8 years ago

    by Yakori bint Muhammed

    Thanks for the inspiring comment, much appreciated. Stay blessed.

  • 8 years ago

    by Indian Comma Bean

    Interesting, I was very pleased with the vocabulary in this piece. I find a lot of the nature poetry I read these days to be a bit overbearing, but I find the flow of each stanza works very well with your words. However, there were a few places where I expected a pause, but found myself choked up by the lack of a comma.

    Persistently echoed in the night tide
    The nightingale chirps euphonious

    I would insert maybe a comma or even a period after tide, that was one place in particular I found myself pausing and pondering.

    The constant rhythm became a little much, but I found it a very soothing read none the less. Bravo.

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