by Blah Blah Blahhhh   Jan 18, 2012

A beautiful Rose
Always standing
Never welting
Its color never fading
Thats how our Friendship has been
Its grown into the most beautiful thing
Though we may have some differences
And disagreements
our friendship is as true as it can be
Always honest
Always Caring
Your like a sister to me
Every rose has its thorn
Yet our friendship has never been torn
Through the bad and the good
We always pull through
we may go weeks maybe even months without talking
but the distance has never driven us apart.
I've always been able to run to you
Tell you the things full of trust.
No matter how far we go,
Our rose will stand straight and tall
No matter how long we don't talk
We will always have each others back.
We've grown up together,
Seen the good and the bad.
But we've never let that get between us
Our Petals never grew apart.
You became my shoulder to cry on
My grass and the rain
My very best friend
Your the sun that helps me grow
And as the years went by
Little by little we matured
from the day I met you
From piggy tails and
crazy hair dues,
our girl talks,
and our adventures of
Climbing roofs and Playing video games
And everything else we've ever done
Somewhere in between
You stopped being my best friend
and became a lot more to me
A sister, Someone to count on
When it was hardest to lean on anyone else
Through all these years,
--hopefully many more to come
We have irritated and annoyed each other
Done a lot of crazy stuff and later thought
What have we done.?
But your the best person i know
Besides what else are sisters for.?
No matter the time,
No matter the day
Ill be here for you,
Our rose will never Welt
Our rose will never be Picked
It will stand straight and tall
As a true friendship should be


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