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My name is Tania, I am 18, Expecting a Baby:) Have an amazing boyfriend, though i cant say perfect.. ja i love to write, but its been so long most of these are really old.
I guess i can say im happy, but my past doesnt stop tormenting me.

Yes Im a very complicated person,
but those that understand me love me for just that.

I try to be optimistic Ive seen the bad and the good this world can give, and I've experienced it to. That doesnt stop me from living or from hoping, though at one point I did want to give that up. But then I found God, It helped me alot. I Learned to control my temper, well sometimes, but better then before at least. Look at better side of things then before, though I've always known He was in my life, Once i decided to change it was with His help that I could.
Though I still suffer a lot I let Him be my motivator to get myself back up.
Now that He has sent me this Angel I'm expecting, and people that finally proved worth while it gives me more of a reason to be strong.
But like every other I have my break downs. Until i cant hold it in. My life isnt perfect. Just a little.. brighter.

People have shown me what change was and I'm doing it to.
If you ever need a ear to listen, I will be here. I'm no one to judge no matter the situation. Just a friend willing to help:)

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  • You got me into this mess that is now... me.

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