Comes Softly

by Janna Antal   May 6, 2012

Love comes softly
Washing gently like ocean waves
Rising as the tide
So gently is it's pace
there's no time to think or keep the guards in place.

Love comes softly
To that cold,dark,and empty place
The one you filled
To wash away my doubt, my pain
That I would turn and find us face to face.

Love comes softly
It whispered to my soul
Picks and plucks the harden chains
that guards the reaches of my heart
the empty valley floor,engulphing all with just a touch.

Love comes softly
fills the void long forgotten
with tenderness and ethereal light
and makes the world anew
each and every moment of both day and night.

Love comes softly
to capture this ones heart
with invisible bonds that do not cut or bind
they lift the spirit,there is no shame
for all the moments we share in communion with
body, heart, soul,breath and mind.

By Janna Antal


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