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Has lived a half life,25 yrs...clouded by ptsd. SO many thoughts,words swirl in my head and finally have some where to put them.
I also advocate on behalf of the voiceless our fur covered friends both cats wolves and dogs. They are my passion!

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  • Love comes softly
    Washing gently like ocean waves...

  • You are the sweet torturous dream that my heart...
    the whispers of my heart to yours...

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  • When we reach out to help others, human or animal, any small thing we do is joined by the actions of others. Just as it takes a single grain of sand to create a beautiful beach or desert,so our actions create Great Works and Big things are accomplished!

    8 years ago
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  • Words no matter how beautifully written have no impact till they are shared with others and felt in ones heart.

    9 years ago
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