by Megan   May 23, 2012

There you go again.
Talkin' 'bout college to your
Mom and dad and friends.
I sit by quietly,
Smilin', answerin' questions,
But I'm lying.
Ooo, I'm lying.

I'm holdin' back, tryin' not to cry.
Wonder if you want to say goodbye
Before you are nine hours gone,
Already on your way to Vermont.

When you go to Vermont,
I hope it's all that you want.
I hope you thrive and live you life and everything works out.
And if you regret your choice,
I hope you hear my voice
Yellin' out and sayin' I'll be home
Waitin' to be by your side,
If you want,
When you come home from Vermont.

Here we are again.
Talkin' 'bout college,
Summer's just about to end.
I'm cryin' quietly,
You hold me whisperin' nothin' but "I'm sorry.
Ooo, I'm sorry."

Lookin' back at all the times that we shared.
Thinkin' soon you won't always be there
Because you'll be nine hours gone,
Right where you want to be in Vermont.


When you come home from Vermont,
I hope I'm still what you want.
I hope you cry and say your mine,
You know, we can work it out.
I hope you look into my eyes
And see the paradise
That's been waitin' for you all along
To say "I love you" one more time,
If you want,
When you go to Vermont.



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