I Understand...

by Nonna   Sep 13, 2012

I'm not quite sure
what to say
But I ain't gonna defend myself
No not today

I will tell you my true feelings
As much as I can now
And will tell you the rest
Oneday, somehow

I understand your words
I understand, you wish we never met
Thought it's breaking my heart
That meeting me, you regret

I understand your anger
I understand your pain and sorrow
I know how it's like to be broken
Waiting hopelessly for a brighter tomorrow

I understand you're disappointed
I understand your lack of faith in good
And I will not ask you to forgive me
I don't think you ever should

I understand your pain
I understand the hurt, the bleed
And if I had it, I would give you
What you deep down need

I understand you're lonely
I understand how you feel
Surrounded by people who loves you
Yet, with whom, it's hard to deal

I understand you're hurting
I understand what you're going through
And I realized it's not you, it's me
who don't deserve someone as great as you

I apologize for anything I have said
That might have caused your heart to break
I apologize for anything I made you feel
But I swear to god, nothing was fake

I was honest with you
Right from the very start
No matter how hard you deny it
I know, you feel it within your heart

Every word, every stare
Every "about you, I do care"
Every "I'm a phone call away"
Any minute, any day

Every time we said our goodbyes
Every tear fell from my eyes
Every nothing at all, uttered from your lips
your hand slipping through my fingertips

Every gesture, look and touch
Every "I missed you so much"
Every long night call
Every thing, I meant it all

What I never meant, was to hurt you
I thought you know me enough to realize
That I never meant to break your heart
Nor cause a single tear to fall from your precious eyes


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  • 5 years ago

    by Em

    This is just beautiful.

    It flows well and I can tell it's from the heart as it's full of emotion. We have all been there either hurting or doing it.


  • I'm totally in luv with it..
    5/5 <3