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  • I thought once tht giving you up and letting u...
    well,tht is simply a bit true,no controls and no...

  • Here it goes,i have no idea how it ever...
    it seems easy,but its really really hard,to look...

  • Now adays I ask myself ,what did I ever see in you...
    I just keep wondering,why did u always made me...

  • Days pass by and life goes on,things change as...
    i always heard people accussing others for being...

  • I'm a woman,do u know what a woman means?!!
    i know u know,but i just want 2 make sure what do...

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  • You left, i left, you've been roaming around in your life and i've been too, may be in a different way,, but,,, if one day it happens and i meet you by coincidence,,i will never let you know that i've been going all the way carrying a broken heart...

    10 years ago
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  • Heartaches mean more to me than what you think,, they tell me that you didnt only hurt me,,,,,
    but you actually disappointed me by all means.!!!

    10 years ago
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  • I dont like waiting but i just have to, if waiting means having you then i'll wait till i have you <3

    11 years ago
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