The Flower's Child

by Ramon The SvnStone Haupt   Sep 24, 2012

The anger inside made me blind
Is it worth poisoning my own blood till the end of time?
Because this pain cannot be cured - its all locked inside
A pinch made it start to choke, barely breathing
The evil in me made me have no feeling,
A child trapped in darkness - no one can hear him screaming
Having thoughts of my blood resting on the burning table
The result of the story between Cain and Abel
Brothers neck and neck living a life of contest
The Lord awaits for the weaker to confess
When I open up like the morning flower
On the wrong day when the rain starts its showers
And when this flower drowns it will be nowhere to be found
A life with no goal - a king ruling with a wooden crown
And this flower is the child and will never be found
With its roots upside down and his head buried underground
Once dreamt of becoming a musical king
Instead the flower is left being blown away by the wind.

For Chandre


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