by Ramon The SunStone Haupt   Sep 24, 2012

Gazing into your eyes like the first sunrise
having your heart-for me it will be paradise
your name,your name, o your beautiful name,
your impressions of me could be that I'm a player but I play no game.

This is real love at first sight,let me take care of your heart,I won't give it a fright.
I won't shatter your emotions, you could fall into a bottomless ocean
a place with no air, just call on me and I'll be there.

Your eyes is a portal to another world
take me there, I want you to be my girl.
So give me a chance to get to know ya'
Let love unfurl

So what is love?Is there a meaning?
because when I'm by your side I feel that I'm dreaming
So I hope there's nothing I forgot to mention
let us have love affection
can I be with you is my question.


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