by Ramon The SvnStone Haupt   Sep 24, 2012

And here I sit thinking of you
I know you wouldn't do the same,if it were it wouldn't be true,
like an investigator finding money instead of clues,
when I saw you the other day I was wearing the wrong shoes
that's why I could never make that kind of contact with you.
A request of which I gave,like a slave i obeyed.
I've waited for you-you pushes me aside
rinsed me off and took a bite,
and what a taste it was,you're now a goddess eating golden apples.

Golden apples are genuine-they aren't made but born,
the same way of the grain to the corn...
I mourn...
A child is a crying man
I told you words you probably couldn't understand,
or was it your choice?you didn't hear my voice?

In awe I was when your apples eye gazed and stared
reaching out was something which made you scared
and now my apples eye has a tear which cannot fall,
I was just reaching out to you, you couldn't hear my call.

And now I fall...
And now I fall...

For Lisa


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