The Right To Bear Arms

by Ramon The SunStone Haupt   Sep 24, 2012

Come closer to me Kyrie... but can I hold you?

A dumb question,did I forget to mention that if I hold you, you will die my hands a ghost here's a toast to the time we met along that lonely coast.

Walking on my hands upside can u be my queen if i don't have a crown,I look into a girls hole until i see stars, yet I fight til' I have the right to bear arms

And then we will never surrender,side by side together forever.

Now I can finally catch each of your teardrops...

Bring your heart back to life until until your mind clocks.

Then I can finally contribute using all four, I know your name but you first got to enter my open door,a place where we are flying endlessly-no floor.

I ask 4 more the less i get,I'll break the cycle..

I believe so much,these very arms I'll use to bet, I'll even shatter my own world if I have to,with my ghost fists that don't exist-wait for part two.

Your eyes are dark Rukia, please wait for til' my arms have strength, for my mighty love is at an endless length...


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