Bearing Gifts

by Ramon The SunStone Haupt   Sep 24, 2012

Sitting by the riverside -razor-fish,their reflections of the moonlight-glinting.
Sharper than the stars of the dark sky.
The pebbles in the river like mercury silver,complementing the beautiful,graceful moon.With the clouds her servants catering a wet banquet.
Drip by drip the slow n soft raindrops,meeting gaia,presenting a gift from the heavens.
And in return she sprouts forth a glowing of flora,night-flies fluttering n dodging the scents.
The scents that are left stranded in the air.
Time is not welcomed here,no invitation.
So I smile to both women keeping me company.
Waterfalls spraying with moist cleaning the air,I breathe in,deeply,slowly,with gaia n the moon ever-pleasant.
I bear my gift which is admiration,blue glowing trees,yellow vein flowers n silver rivers.
This warm air clothing me,wrapping me in warmth.
Creatures of the night talking to keep me fear free with the stars winking and giggling at their talk.
A sip of the river i take flowing thru my soul, at once I'm with the servants preparing a new banquet.


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