by Ramon The SunStone Haupt   Sep 24, 2012

Imagine that there is a heaven for you and me,in utter harmony. With bright blue oceans, with dolphins setting the currents in motion.

A place for you and me, together forever a family. As one with the smiling sun, tickling our bodies having fun.

Green fields of love, all sorts of birds flying up above. The closer I get to your smile, the longer I take to go that extra mile.

A touch,a kiss is what will suffice,I ain't no player, I play with no dice, you may love me once, I will love you thrice! More than the world is what you mean to me, but making you mine covers me in uncertainty. When I'm with you I become the person I dreamed to be, do u feel me?

Let me be your king and I'll take you to a place where honeybees have no sting. Piano sounds from my heartbeat, listen carefully and you will fly at ten thousand feet.

I can still see your smile when I close my eyes, take my hand I'll lead you to a happiness of paradise


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