Love a Woman

by Hope Bound Heart   Oct 17, 2012

Treat her like she's more than you want, more than you could ever dream, and more importantly more than she thinks she is. Treat her like she's everything you've ever wanted, be true and be kind. Don't be afraid to absolve yourself of fear and doubt, for she will fill you with dreams, with confidence, and with life. Give her total freedom to be herself, and never let her frown. Remind her that her smile is the most beautiful thing in the world, just like the first time you fell in love, for it is the sweet serenity of this smile that wraps around your heart and constricts your ability to move away. Let her know you care by doing something incredible for her, and I don't mean something as acquisitive as a finite gift, but something exceptional, something extraordinary cliché as it may seem. Call her every night to assure yourself she is alright, and instill in her a feeling of your desire, your unequivocal need to fill the potential holes in her heart so that doubt may not populate her existence. Remember to always wish her the sweetest dreams, and if ever should she weep let it be your shoulder to sustain the blows from her tears. Console her so she knows she is not alone, and that her heart can rest easy in a time of grief. Make sure when she has lost her way you help her find her hope, her smile, and her courage, be there whether she says she needs you or not. Most importantly when you tell her you lover her, let her see the ferocity, the fire, the excitement, and the passion you truly feel deep in your heart.


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