Insecure about the world I live in

by Hope Bound Heart   Jul 27, 2012

I feel sadness in my heart
I feel nothing in my soul
Emptiness fills my memories
Wishing I still had you to hold

They say "only the good die young"
and heaven "needed another angel"
I blindly struggle with reality
My friends all become strangers

Have I lost touch with the world
Or am I reaching out for you
They call your death a tragedy
If only they knew

I lay crying while I'm awake
In my dreams also true
I'm struggling with my thoughts
Losing my grasp of you

The further you seem
The more my heart breaks
This perpetual nightmare
Continues when I wake

They say time heals all
But time drags me back
I remember your smile
Even this makes me sad

Your voice was so full of life
Your eyes so beautiful
Your skin so soft
Everything was right with you

My vision fills with black
I fall tot he ground blindly
A soft memory conquers my mind
The sound of "I Love you" so kindly

Why must I be reminded
Of everything I've lost daily
It's worse then death
Remembering you vaguely

I'll struggle everyday
It's more then I want to do
Cause at the end of the day
You're dead, and I still love you


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