by Italian Stallion   Oct 20, 2012

Merged, paths unite
crossing lines, tied.
Separated, walking on
hearts beating, stopped.

The skies crying,
flooding our paths.
Trees fallen, collapsed-
bodies lifeless.

Families gathered,
worlds collide.
Motionless; speechless,
paths unite, merged.

© Copyright 2012 By: Italian Stallion


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  • 10 years ago

    by Chelsey

    I agree with the previous comment Joe, this was very different as your use of single words are what sort of, made up this whole poem. I loved the opening and ending sentence and how the wording was rearranged. Very interesting piece here :)

  • 10 years ago

    by LostWords

    There are a lot of great thoughts in this poem. It is definitely something different, I have never read a poem with this type of single words and blunt rhythm. It is quite confusing at first because of this pattern, but after reading it over a couple of times you begin to see the true meaning. Great use of punctuation!!

    I can't help but think in the first stanza that it is some form of love poem.
    Then in the second stanza it becomes very sad, as if something drastic happened and changed the whole country.
    The third stanza though helps tie the other two together. Saying that families gather, the world collides, and then we are met merged and combined. 5/5