8 Months

by Jake   Nov 25, 2012

8 months of joy,
8 months forever cherished.
Spent with you, my love,
I'm not embarrassed.

I cannot wait,
For more to come.
Because, when it comes to first prizes,
I've most certainly won.

I've won the best,
The most beautiful of them all.
One in which I'll die,
Before I let fall.

I'll pick you up,
When your blue.
All because,
I truly love you.

I'll strive for us,
Push us to be happy.
Even if it requires,
24/7 laughing.

I can't understand,
Why an angel as beautiful as thee.
Came down to Earth,
Came down to me.

I don't deserve,
But I am grateful.
That our love took root,
So very fruitful.

It is our 8th Monthiversary,
So here is to us,
You and Me...


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