One Year

by Jake   Nov 25, 2012

A person once asked me,
How I knew what love is.
I told him that,
It is the joy to simply live.

To live with her,
And be free.
To love every second with her,
To miss the other dearly.

And hate every second without her,
And truthfully.
Do anything humanly possible,
To be with thee.

To spin in circles,
In a meadow, round and round.
Staring in the other's eyes,
With "I Love You" being the only sound.

To have beautiful children,
That run and play.
To laugh and have fun,
Every day.

To stand by her side,
For better, for worse.
Till the day she dies,
And is carried away in a hearse.

Hopefully though,
That day will be far off.
Because, I would miss you,
You'd be my every thought.

I'd miss the close hugs,
And soft kisses.
That soft skin, too,
You're the answer to my wishes.

I've written countless poetry for you,
Many hours of work each.
But the best of them all,
I have yet to reach.

Until now, that is,
I thought I'd ever make the best.
But now I do,
And its surely blessed.

It is this poem, my love,
The best I've ever made.
For you only, you deserved it,
Cause you truly stayed.

You stayed in my heart,
And by my side.
Ill never forget it,
Even after I die.

Ill love you forever,
And I'm sure you will too.
But for now, we celebrate,
The day for Me and You.

It is Our day,
Our's only, for us alone.
Everyone else must accept,
And must condone.

It's Our day,
Because 1 year ago.
I met the girl of my dreams,
And I know she'll never go.

I remember it just fine,
First time talking to You.
I would normally be nervous,
But I was comfortable with You.

365 days..
Feels like 2 minutes.
When you have a person like you,
The love has no limits.

Celebrating 1 year,
November 18th, Annual.
And inspiration to me,
An Angel.

Here's to One Year..
Of Love, Joy, and Beauty.
And to many more,
Of You, and Me....


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