The Brightest Sunflower

by Baby Rainbow   Jan 11, 2013

I was born a yellow sunflower
with petals which should have grown
to be bright and strong.
But I was planted
inside a lonely field
of dull grey grass.
Day by day my colour faded
as my strength was drained away and
dried up like dehydrated mud.
I turned grey and cold
as I could only learn
from the emptiness that surrounded me.
I could see the sun shining
through the clouds in the sky
but it made a point of avoiding me.
I always felt like I was lost,
an abandoned flower
who had been abducted from her home.
I was stuck inside this soil
that showed me no love
and gave me no water to grow.
I felt my petals peel away
then land gently upon the ground
as they whispered tears of death.
I closed my eyes and began to dream of
the day when a stranger would pick me up
and take me away from my temporary home.

That day has come at last
as I was chosen by an angel
who scooped me up in her gentle hands.
She picked up all my fallen petals
and put them in her pocket
which was filled with magic dust.
One by one the petals changed
as the greyness faded and
they began to feel warm again.
She wrapped me up inside her wings,
protecting me from the cold
and offering me to the rays of sun.
Slowly but surely
my heart is filling with hope
as my stem grows that much taller.
With glitter sprinkles of fairy magic
she is nursing me back to health,
back to the flower she knows I can be.
She has planted me within rich soil
and showers me daily with faithful water
which shows the reflection of my beauty.
Together we are travelling to the future
as she takes me under her wings
and we fly through the rainbow of love.
Gathering the sight
of colours I have never seen
restores my belief in life.
For every time she makes me smile,
she stitches back one of my petals
which are growing stronger every day.
With this angel by my side
I no longer feel alone,
I no longer feel afraid.
It feels like I am free again
in finding the home where I belong
and where I always should have been.

For I was born a yellow sunflower
with petals which will grow
to be bright and strong.

And I will be the brightest sunflower
the world has ever seen
because I was rescued and fixed with love ...

...and it is only through love that we can ever grow.




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Latest Comments

  • 1 month ago

    by Jane Do-Re-Mi

    Love this.

  • 8 years ago

    by Hannah Lizette

    This poem is beyond amazing. The sunflower has plans to grow bright and tall... but has been broken, abandoned and is terribly lonely. It has lost it's meaning in life... but yet someone came and rescued this flower... helped nurture it back to heath, shower it with love. It's so beautiful, Saffie.

    Adding to my favorites!!!

  • 8 years ago

    by ah satan 666


    Now that's what I'm taking about Girl!!!

    This is a beautiful write Saffie,..

    More importantly the message within... Even Angels need an Angel now and again,..
    you have a loving heart and you shine bright, just like your P&Q name <3

    The first step to filling a heart is, loving the vessel the heart lives in...
    Some may need a reminder of their self worth because their soul has been beaten and left broken and bruised...
    But through a gray, cloudy, rain filled sky... the sun will break through and who do WE see Saffie???... "YOU"... B' RAINBOW xxx

    I'd nominate if I could :/

  • 8 years ago

    by Wild flower

    Wow Saffie this is amazing!!
    This is so sincere, Im sure this poem means so much to both of you.
    Awesome job girl:)