It Should Be Me and You

by Megan   Jan 15, 2013

Years from now at your
Best friend's wedding
Getting married to his high school girlfriend
That we all hated.
You're the best man,
I'm just a
Nother party guest.
You're in a black tuxedo, and I'm
Wearin' a brand new sparkly dress

And our
I look down at

My God, you're beautiful,
Isn't this wonderful?
Why isn't that us up there at the altar sayin' I do?
Those years have gone, and we're
Both alone, and I
Know that I still want you.
Why is it them up there
Instead of me and you?

You walk in, and it's
Such a sin, the way you
Come into the room smiling your smile;
I've always loved it.
You see me, I hear the
Church bell's melody.
Your face says it all,
I stare at you and sit up tall

And our
You look down at
Your feet.


I loved you.
I love you.
I will always
Be in love with you.

The priest says kiss the bride.
See you watching me as I wipe my eyes from
Pretend tears of joy to hide behind
As the crowd cheers at a wedding that should've been


Why did they make it?
Why didn't we make it?
It shouldn't be them up there,
It should be me and you.



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