Just a Crazy Idea

by Megan   Feb 19, 2013

Scrolling through pictures all over my phone,
They both look like people that I used to know.
She used to be good in her own naive mind,
He once was a miracle,
The sparkle in her eye.

People grow up, and they change all the time.
Things were once ours,
Not yours and mine.

I miss the days when we laughed in your car.
Sayin' we're going somewhere, but we wouldn't get far.
I miss the way that you played with my hands,
And the nights on the beach when we walked through the sand.
Maybe it was crazy,
Just a crazy idea,
But there once was a day I believed
You'd always be here.

Talking to people in our new homes,
We aren't the same way as I used to know.
I stopped believing in fairytale things,
And you've got yourself a new place that you'd rather be.

We have grown up, still changing all the time,
But there are still some things that have never left my mind.

I still remember the look in your eyes.
The way you'd tell me that you love me, how you'd kiss me goodbye.
I want you to know that I'm always gonna care,
And I'm keeping all the secrets that we used to share.
Maybe it's crazy,
Just a crazy idea,
But something inside me just feels
Like someday you'll be here.

All that you are is all that I'm not.
I'm good at pretending, but I never forgot.
I'm sure it's crazy,
Just a crazy idea.
But I hope that you find that I'm still
Waiting here.


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