Sacred Seeds

by Michael D Nalley   Jun 20, 2013

If mother nature or a father time
are unnatural to the beholder,
what then could be the right reason or rhyme
of being born only to get older?
In order for a birth in earthly flesh
one must have a father and a mother.
Mature parents produce something fresh
An environment provides the breath
Each individual soul has its needs
No wind fire & rain would mean for us death.
if the essence of life begins with seeds.


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  • 7 years ago

    by Yakori bint Muhammed

    This is such a very deep poem. I read it 3 times but i still feel there's more to it. However this is my perception of it.

    It talks about the beauty of procreation in the circle of life. The need to create that safe haven for the newborn, to nurture them with love so they grow and continue the chain of life. Parents ought to know the integral factor they play in bringing up that child. The responsibilities accorded to parents and making sure all expectations are met. If you neglect your responsibilities, you sure should expect that unfavorable end result. You get what you give. Lets all realize we have obligations as parents and its a duty declared on us by God to breed children with total care, eternal love, understanding and what have you.

    They're a blessing to the family and a gift from God. So its absolutely necessary to retrace our steps and do the right thing. It starts from the home. A family births responsible adults, hence a peaceful, loving and law abiding society.. 'Sacred Seeds' sheds light on the circle of existence.
    That's my take on the piece, a very profound read. I'd come to the realization after going through some of your titles that you write a lot about religion which intrigued me. Will feast on them at my leisure, hopefully. Your writes are informative and inspiring.
    God bless your efforts...

  • 7 years ago

    by crystaljean88

    Very intresting but good write

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