Back Again

by DirtRoadGirl   Jul 25, 2013

It took two years to convince myself that I didn't need you,
that I was better off without you,
that I could survive without you,
and that I didn't love you.

But the first time I see you after two years,
the first time you are standing in front of me after all this time,
the first time you have spoken to me in months,
I feel the change already.

The problem here is that no matter what I tell myself,
nothing has really changed.
All it takes is a simple conversation,
and I am right back in that place.

So here is what I am asking of you as you walk away,
look back just one more time,
see the pain on my face,
and realize that you've just destroyed two years of effort.

I don't have the strength to do it again...


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