Erasing the tears

by edy   Sep 17, 2013

I reach to your heart
Nearly every day
You turn your back
However, I stay

I've been here before
As you have closed this door
Of giving me a chance
To be something more

However, I'm here
Waiting for him to make you cry
Because at the end of day
I will be here and try to understand why

Why he would do such a thing
To such a special girl
Why is he so mean?

My left shoulder imprinted with you face
Yes, right above my heart
Because my heart erases your tears
Because, I'm all you have got
After all of these years

The one to understand
The one to listen
The one to make you laugh
The one to make your eyes glisten

It's like love at every sight
When you lose yourself
Let me in your soul
I simply watch you melt

But I understand
I'm your eraser of tears
Because of the fear
I may hurt you

This poem I write
Because if the day comes
I can't be your shoulder
That you always cry on

You will have this to read
As you remember the times
I opened up my heart
and "Erased the tears of time".



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  • 10 years ago

    by LoneWolf

    Amazing i love it!