Hold Me (PART 1)

by edy   Sep 19, 2013

I just want you to hold me

Hold me O' so close
Whisper in my ear
And tell me how this story goes

Will you pick me up on a white horse
Will you tell me all the beautiful things

Would you gently kiss my cheek
And promise everything

Can you walk me down the beach
On a night with a full moon

Grab my hand a little tighter
Because its dark and I feel safer with you

Or can you walk me into that jewelry store
And not buy me a thing
But wait patiently on my side as I look at all of the rings

Can you walk through the mall
And never look away
Caress my back gently as the people make way

Is this how this story goes?

We will date for 2 years maybe 3, 4 or even 5
You will always tell me you love me even after we fight

Then one day you will come and you will completely surprise me
Without saying a word and bending on one knee

Then we will walk down that aisle
Ill be as beautiful as can be
You will be on that alter waiting for me

Is this how the story goes?



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