When Emotions Conquer friendship

by Natalie   Dec 16, 2013

Who are you? I forget your name.
Sweet feminine face, inviting and shy.
Quiet and thoughtful, your voice is rare.
Introductory hug, you feel so smooth.

Who are you? Do I not know you?
Your face is tattooed on my mind.
Your words gently reassure my soul,
Arms provide the safe haven I yearn.

The pinkish red tinge of your full lips,
The feel of your soft white silken skin,
The way your hair caresses your face,
The profundity in those eyes; magical.

Who are you? Do I really know you?
Your face is all I can remember.
Your words have overcome my soul.
Your arms are an extension of my body.

My butterflies dance with yours,
Lost in a waltz of intimacy and surrender,
We become one with our dreams, desires and hope.
I know who you are now. I know no one else but you.

@ Natalie M. Sarantos... 16/12/13.... 15:50


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