Miss Wretchedness

by Natalie   Mar 5, 2014

My mind and I are at a disconnect,
The space between us all does affect.
How is it possible to lose one's identity?
I'm lost within the folded layers of misery.

I crawl and creep within the depth of my soul,
In search of a purpose, anything, a higher goal,
Yet find a repertoire of mistakes I've committed,
Whispers uttered, thoughts repressed, words omitted.

Staring into a mirror, stained and fractured,
I'm confronted by my bitter, broken, empty self,
I am Miss Wretchedness and I have won this title,
With aching dreams of hope and love, I see only death.

@ Natalie M. Sarantos 05.03.14....10.56

*Rest in Peace Auntie Adela. Your help and care will never be forgotten.*


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  • 5 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    This is such a powerful poem. I am sorry for your loss.

    Your title caught my eye, and made me wonder what the content of the poem would be about.

    Your wording is great, and I also think you done a great job with the rhyme, it didn't seem forced, and also didn't seem to be your normal cliché rhyming words. It was subtle, and worked really well with the flow.

    I can relate to the meaning of the poem, and how you can be so stricken by grief, that you become lost within the world, and inside yourself. Nothing looks possible anymore and you even question life itself and why it is here.

    Good job at expressing this, and I hope it helped to release this.

    Keep writing .