by Robert Gardiner   Mar 7, 2014


If I had the stars to give, I'd give them all, to you.
I'd arrange them, in the sky, in words, saying, "I love you."
If the clouds were at my very own disposal, I'd place one, under your feet,
So that, you'd always feel, like you were walking on air, because, that feeling, you give, to me,
And I'd command, those very same clouds, to shower you, with amazing, adoring, incredible, wonderful, beautiful, magical, life giving love.
If I was given, absolutely, everything, I'd give you, everything, that you could ever want.

If I had mythical, mystical, powers of magic, I'd use them all to make you smile.
I'd use them all, towards your happiness, so, you'd be happy, all the while,
Like I am, just knowing, that I have you, at the thought that you are mine.
If happiness, eternal, were mine to give, you'd be happy, all the time.
I'd make sure of it,
But this thing called happiness, I have no control of it.
I have no power, over nor of, most of these things.
All I have is my love and all that it brings,
But, with that alone, I can soothe your soul, forever.
Now, I lack the ability, to give you most of these things but love, for you, never,
And I promise you, that you'll never lack for love, for as long as we're together.

If I was a dream maker, I'd fulfill, all your dreams, of childhood.
There are so many things I'd like to give you, if only, by some chance, I could,
Diamond rings and all kinds of things, but at these things, I'm not able to.
All I have to give is my love, and that's all I can offer you.
This is the only thing I have, but, then again, girl, that's Damn Good,
But, I'd give you, the whole world girl, if only I could..

Robert Gardiner

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Latest Comments

  • 5 years ago

    by Burning Angel

    I love this poem! i just have one suggestion, all of the commas really threw me off because i was not sure how to pause due to how easily the sentence would have been put together without some of the commas. overall this is really an amazing poem!

  • 5 years ago

    by Meena Krish

    This is something different from what you usually write and its sincerely romantic! Nothing else is needed when one has love, that is unfailing. A lovely read.

    • 5 years ago

      by Robert Gardiner

      Thanks Meena. This is an old poem, from the archives of my poetry libraries, that I resurrected for someone who contacted me on facebook looking for a short sweet poem for the girl she is trying to build a relationship with. I remembered this old poem that might work, so I when to one of my former poetry homes and pulled this from my posted work on there and revised it some to improve its overall aesthetic quality. Then, I posted it here and messaged it to her.