by Kelsie Danielle   Mar 9, 2014

I turn on the T.V.
to my favorite show "Outside of Water"
for we share a similar interest with the ocean
intrigued by his static style,
tall and slender,
soft and full smile,
deep brown eyes like
Hershey's chocolate bars.
With those glares I feel
as if I'm in the show.
Watching me, watch him
while I watch him
watching me.

We're both in the
same body of water,
separate whirlpools.
I must swim closer
to spin in the same rotation
not knowing his intense powers
are casting a spell on me
for he is the captain of the sea
and I am the dazed mermaid.

When he talks, when he stares,
when he walks away,
I feel another tug on the line.
Messing with me now
he's figured out the enchantment.
Finally, he reels me in
and captures me with his net.
He smirks,
cuts the net,
and sets me free.
But leaves the hook
dangling in my cheek


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