Talking, Thinking, Arguing with Myself

by Kelsie Danielle   Mar 20, 2012

"It's sickening!
Your there! And I'm there!
Stop it! That's an order!"

"Haha. I can't! I can't!" I say,
humoring myself.

"Yes you can! I know you can!
I mean I can do it!
Stop thinking of me
As if I'm not you! Do it now!
You're so not doing it!
Oh! Never mind!
You're sick! HA HA HA!"

"Yay! So-so I can think about us?"

"Yes you sick little-I mean go head there's
Nothing wrong with that
You freak! Ha-haaa"

"Hey guess what?"


"I wonder if that guy likes me
He's cute isn't he?"

"Yes I agree, he's cute"

"So do you think-"

"NO! No I don't think he likes you!
There's no way he can like you!"

"But maybe he does! He does!"

"Even HE is too normal for you!

"Who knows?"

"I just remembered I'm mad at you!"

"Hehe no you're not silly"

(Rolls eyes) "....You're so sick! You're a freak!
Don't you have a life? Don't you!?!?
I'm just a figment of your imagination!
That's how sick you are!
You're- you're making me up!"

"Haha you're the odd one!"

"No I am not! Ugh!!!!
There you go again making me up
I'm still here and your still there too!
That really sucks! You know?"

"No not really-I don't know!"

(sigh)"I wish you were gone!
So I can be on my way!
You make me sick out of your mind!"

"Awww you don't mean that"


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  • 7 years ago

    by Mason Robb

    What a mind-screw. I love it :)
    A very amusing and jovial poem.
    Keep up the good work.