by EmMa   Jul 5, 2004

I tried to write a poem
Describing my perfect guy
I tried and tried, but I couldn't
I sat there wondering why

A girl could dream all she wants
About her perfect guy
But a dream is just a dream
A world of sweet and lovely lies

In my world I've imagined
A guy so sweet and kind
This guy of mine seems so perfect
But it's all within my mind

I've learned to ask for less in guys
I went from perfect to someone simple
Just someone who could make me happy
He doesn't have to have cute dimples

Every time I'd find someone
Who I thought was Mr. Right
I'd try so hard to make things work
But the feeling was never right

I got sick of this endless search
For some guy that I don't know
I didn't want to try no more
I decided to just go with the flow

Time went by and nothing's changed
I thought I gave up in this stupid game
But somewhere inside of me, there's still hope
Like a tiny burning flame

I still believe that there's someone for me
But I don't know who and where
When the time comes, he'll be here
For now, he's somewhere out there

As I sat there thinking, I realized
That happiness comes in different forms
Though it'd be nice to have someone
To help guide me through my storms

I don't know who this someone is yet
But I know I don't need him to be happy
Life has many things to offer
Not everything is crappy

Some people claim they can't live their lives
Without the one they love
Cause that person makes them whole
Like a pair of loving doves

The fact that I've made it this far
Without that someone in my life
Shows that I don't really need him
But if I love him, I'd be glad to be his wife

Everyone seems to be rushing into love
But not me though, I can wait
I'm just enjoying life right now
Everything else I'll leave to fate


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