A Moment's Rage

by EmMa   Apr 28, 2005

Driving me crazy
Can't you see baby
Your words are like fuel
Adding to my fire
Formulating the desire
To scream these emotions
Caught in this commotion
I'm losing control
Gotta let it go
No time to stop and think this through
All this drama between me and you
You come at me and piss me off
I come back to piss you off
It becomes a cycle
That just seems to grow
So much madness and mayhem
#uck you and god daym
Shouting out words
Not meant to be heard
Slowing down, breathing in
My mind is finally thinking when
I draw a blank as I try
Trying to remember why
Why and how this all begun
But what's the point, what's done is done
The numbness of my anger fades
My face turns a lighter shade
Now I feel the falling tears
And nothing seems to be as clear
Through my eyes of bloodshot red
A throbbing pain within my head
Uncomparable to what I feel
In this beat-up heart that can't be healed


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  • 16 years ago

    by GoddessOfWings

    Incredible imagery. It really pumped me up. 5/5. Good work!
    Gurdy x (GoddessOfWings)