Something Beautiful

by Megan   Aug 23, 2014

I fall in love multiple times a day
Beginning with the sound of birds chirping at 4 am
When it's still dark
And I've awoken from a dream that will remain just that.

I fall in love with the smell of coffee
And the way my bananas and blueberries lay just so in my cereal that
It could be a picture on a commercial.

I get distracted by the clouds while I'm driving
Because I see Heaven and mermaids and
Things so much greater than what's right in front of me.

I fall in love with the smell of incense and
Feeling like I won't make it through but
Leave feeling better every day.

Over and over again,
I fall in love with the idea of being in love.
Relating my life to shows and books and others.
Feeling the feelings of fictitious characters.

Do you know how it feels to feel everything so deeply?

It's painful.
The queen of empathy,
I feel everyone and everything.

I believe in falling madly in love
With a man you barely know
Simply because he is mysterious and quiet and
Leaves you
With more questions than answers.

I believe in never falling out of love
With someone you never thought you'd stop loving anyway
No matter how much they hurt you or
What they did to hurt you.

Love is love.
It doesn't just disappear
Or fade away.
If anything, it grows and can be found anywhere.
In fact,
Love even grow for the people you hate
Because, if not for them,
You wouldn't be who you are.

I fall in love all the time.
In so many ways:
When I eat potatoes.
When it rains in the morning and I let myself sleep in. When my dog lifts his leg for me to pet his belly.

Loving too much is
Not abusing the meaning of the word love;
It is recognizing it for what it really is:
An unexplainable feeling or gesture or remark. Something innocently and imperfectly beautiful.


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