What Love Cannot Conquer

by Megan   Aug 23, 2014

Love does not conquer anything.
When you find yourself
More than loving,
And reasons why you
Be together
Are popping up around
Every corner,
You can't do much.

It doesn't matter how
You are together.
How he looks when he's sleeping.
The way he knows just how to touch you and
Feel you.
When you hate his friends,
And your friends
Hate him,
And when your family is
As confused about your relationship as you are,
There's a problem.

You hit a wall-
You can't climb it.
Or break it.
The seven hour span and the
Different lifestyles
Trying to focus on
Your life
More than
Someone else's,
It just doesn't add up.

I'm sorry,
But love does not conquer anything.
Not time or distance or mistakes.

Even love has it's limits.

It doesn't mean I
Don't still love him.
I do.
Too much still.

I'm sorry,
But being together is
Not an option
No matter how badly we want it to be.
Love doesn't
Take away hurt.
The person who broke you
Fix you.
You can't turn back time.
If you could, we'd be so much happier.
We can only move forward
And decide if we want to
Change our minds
About the things
Love can conquer
And the things
It cannot.


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