Forever Maybe

by Cantchangeme   Sep 3, 2014

These scars will fade
The feeling will stay
Drowning in tar
I cant find my way

We will always feel wrong
And we all move along
Writing new chapters
That will never belong

Our friends make us feel
Only pain can be real
Feel like falling forever
Never be able to heal

There's advice for the young
You will never be strong
But use this cream
And all the marks will be gone

There's rope for the old
Or so that they're told
Blood runs the warmest
Over skin that's so cold

We've never seen the sky
Our souls not meant to fly
We'll never be alright
Too tired to try

Now safe in their place
We put our friends away
Cant promise forever
Maybe just for today

Lets walk into the night
Search for the light
Maybe we'll find hope...
Maybe we'll be alright...


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Latest Comments

  • 6 years ago

    by Polly

    There's so much I like about this. I love the flow of it and I like how to me it seems like the poem is so full of despair, then the ending has a slightly different feel to it. Because the '...'s at the end are the only real punctuation, to me it puts such emphasis on the ending and the uncertainty of that 'maybe'.
    Hope that makes some sort of sense! I'm not the best at putting into words my thoughts about a poem, sorry! xx

  • 7 years ago

    by DannyDowns

    So sad, but great work you can really feel the emotion behind the words, KIU