Just A Diamond In The Rough

by Gwen Davis   Oct 3, 2014

Who am I, what do you see,
Just the outer shell or the inner me?
Am I black coal, that "diamond in the rough",
Or can you see the "bling" before the coal is ever touched?
What good are eyes if they can't truly see,
The inner beauty that exudes the real me?
Dressed up like a Barbie, hair combed neatly and pressed,
Nails, toes and eyes done, they all must look their best.
It's sad to see our world like this, every one trying hard to fit in,
Using money, cars and clothes for "likes",
Yet they still fill empty within.
Today I choose to be different because that's how I'm meant to be,
I'm just black coal, that "diamond in the rough" that shines eternally!

GMD 10/2/14 original


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