by Faithless Watermelon   Dec 26, 2014

Polished chains, dawn-breaking and faith forsaking
Sentiment pales to diversity and balance flees us.
Words fail strength to abolish the ink in our bones.
Shut out, the sight of hope denied by flowers -
Shut out, give in, believe again and writhe again -
Levy the tides, shut up, give out, searing weights

What are tears but tithes to pity:
confounded by earth,
concealed in adroit despair,
complete by smiles.
The world is round.

Desirous is the destined martyr.
Eclectic barons consume success.
A sky in heaven beneath rapture
the way, sickness dooms with pleasure
the way, so close, to time and severity
surrender, to wind, the way, is gone, I said, alive.


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  • 7 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Good piece - full of vivid imagery

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