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I'd like to be everyone's friend but I often hide away, looking for things I'm not sure I'll ever find, or that I even lost in the first place.

"Valour is the contempt of death and pain" - Tacitus.

I hold a grudge against reality, I love my neighbor's sins until I lie awake at night.

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Latest Poems By Faithless Watermelon

  • Idols peering sideways, forthrightly downcoming,
    flickering moths of melting butter flying madly...

  • She wore a silver threaded straight jacket with...
    Nothing fades thats meant to stay and nothing...

  • We mellow soldiers and callow sons of Rome,
    contently ill impressed by our house at home...

  • It isn't over again but it's cool to think we're...
    and I need to smoke a little more without demands...

  • What a fastidious quarantine i've found in...
    quietly perfunctory like the malaise of my allure...

Latest Quotes By Faithless Watermelon

  • Stabilize the fable then enfeebles your enabler.

    2 years ago
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  • Beauty is a walking treasure map that you can only catch with quicksand shoes.

    3 years ago
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  • My sophist sweetheart stints aortas with antipathy.
    The hand that feeds is partisan and persnickety.

    6 years ago
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