The Mask

by TheMask   Mar 14, 2015

It will make it better
It will make the world shine
Shine with bright colors

But what if I can't
What if the smile has disappeared
What if it has been replaced
Replaced with a grimace

But you can't go on
The people they worry
They don't leave you alone
Saying it's not good to be alone

You only want that though
So you do something
You start wearing a fake smile
So they will leave you alone

But soon it's not just a smile you fake
You fake everything
From joking, laughing, and fun
To anger, hatred, and displeasure

You realize
You no longer have emotions
You have been wearing something
A mask

To hid
To run
To be alone
To think

The mask you wear
It has become you
And you have become it
To protect you
To protect your broken heart


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  • 5 years ago

    by BlueJay

    I like how this poem describes why you chose the name you chose for when youre here. It feels so personal that I am a little scared to comment other than saying I feel like people understand this all too well, only no one else will admit it as clearly as you because they're afraid of the world so to speak. Anyway, I really like this. Nice job. Though I amsorry you feel you have tto live this way

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