A Voice of Silence

by TheWorldFellNUWerentThere   May 8, 2015

If silence could speak,
Would it speak of the past,
The scars underneath your skin,
The loneliness in your heart?

Would it wipe away the tears,
Tell you it gets better here on out,
Or would it drag you down,
In murky waters?

Would it plant a tree of hope,
Help water the roots,
Or would it dig demons deep inside,
Sow the devils seed?

Would it whisper a beautiful lullaby,
Cradle you asleep,
Or would it hinder good dreams,
With a monster under your bed?

Would it seek you shelter,
In the winds of a tornado,
Or would it break apart your home,
Misplace your precious belongings?

So tell me darling,
Does silence reside within your soul,
Do you fear its existence,
Or do you feel its comfort?


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