Could You Imagine?

by Megan   Jun 3, 2015

Could you imagine
That, someday,
It could just be us.
Just us
Sitting in bed under the covers
Watching football and reading Stephen King.
Falling asleep to each other's voices and hearts and breath.
Awaking to the sun peeking through the blinds
And squinting eyes and tired groans and bed head.
Lying there just a minute longer than we should
Just to savor the moment.

Could you imagine
Getting into the shower together every morning,
Washing one another's backs and talking
About our dreams and intentions for the day.
Teasing me
As I try to apply my make-up and letting me
Button your shirt.
Goodbye kisses and "have a good day"
Every day.

Could you imagine
Making love whenever we wanted
As much as we wanted
For as long as we wanted.
In bed.
On the counter.
In the shower.
In the closet.
On the living room floor.
Who cares where?
Who cares if it's right before dinner?
And after for dessert?
And before bed and first thing in the morning...
Could you imagine?

Could you imagine
Being happy.
Everything is new,
But we're learning
How to cook
How to clean
How to pay the bills
How to fix the car the sink the toilet.
We're learning how to live.

Could you imagine
The struggle and the compromise,
The petty fights and the tears
And the apologies that never go unnoticed.

Could you imagine
Getting into bed every night with your best friend by your side. Like a slumber party for the rest of your life.

Could you imagine
Getting old.
And having children.
Would you still love me
With the baby weight and the mashed up peas in my hair?
How about when I'm turning gray and drawn and wrinkled,
Would you love me then?

Could you imagine.
We could travel the world and see all that life has to give.
Could you imagine doing it together.

Would you be happy?

Could you imagine
That a life with me could make you happy,
That we could be happy for eternity.

Black tux, white gown,
We'd move away and find a new town.
Growing up and going away;
If you're with me, there's no reason to stay.
But what if life took a turn;
I with him and you with her.
Forever you'd live a life without me in -
The question is
Could you imagine



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