America (Mini Manifesto)

by Rusheena   Sep 6, 2015

We flaunt our sex,
soliciting everyone in sight,
yet we hide our appetite for lust
under our thinly-veiled
politically correct pleasantries,
scared that we'll be persecuted
by our own consumers,
who secretly want to be
seduced, ravaged, and
erupt in nebulous ecstasy
by our slick tongues
that spew lies and false ideologies.
The world is wet
from our steady fingers
that pierce the very morality
that we claim to value,
yet we surrender without hesitation,
when our [hidden] desires are compromised.
We shed our clothes and strip
away our voices in front of the masses,
whoring out our souls,
until only a glimpse of faith is left,
but it’s quickly conquered
by the erect buildings and skylines
that promise us splendor.
We thrive here.
We say that we hate it,
but we roll over in bed
to greet it every morning,
showering it with kisses
and stroking its massive ego.
This is the new "dream" that we fight for,
as we clench our hands tightly
over our hollow hearts
to pledge our allegiance.
This is truly the land of the free,
but nothing is free here...


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  • 4 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    A clever, thoughtful and thoroughly true write.