Walking In Jerusalem

by NIDAL   Oct 20, 2015

Walking the Roman Roads
Darkened mist uniting the young and old

A scared silence with an eerie wind
A Yamaka embracing a dagger and the story is yet to unfold

I heard the screams, thuds and booms
Shadows melting as cousins bleed in an entwining stream

I felt ambivalent without a care
As I walked between bodies laid in despair
.....We all been here before.

So I walked to the Golden Dome
To a sight of a man picking his own thorns

He stopped me to declare
I am a Christian, Muslim and a Jew
I came to see if the stories I heard are true

I thought the scriptures are crystal clear
Don't kill your brothers and sisters
Cherish the earth and sun with what you hold dear

But all I have seen is hatred and fear
The Earth in Mourning and the sun is a shadow of her peers

I stopped the wise stranger
But could not fight back the bitter tears

Who are you I asked?
A thunderous cloud declares. He is Isa the messiah and his second coming is near.


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