Isolation Love Song

by Robert Kope   Oct 26, 2015

Isolation in the congregation,
Attending mourning mass in the Church of Blues,
Don't need nobody's aggravation,
Pyramid of ignorance; a thousand hues.

Conversation in isolation,
Sick of asking God what's wrong with me,
Can't seem to find no motivation,
Just drifting right along on the cold, dark sea.

Violation without invitation,
Breaking down my door without saying please,
Caught in a nation of separation,
Distractions raining down from the money trees.

Drug tests adding to indignation,
Society keeps crumbling without a clue,
Please accept this raucous resignation,
My bumbling shouldn't be the end of you.

Where are the folk singers' demonstrations,
Demanding what Big Brother won't explain,
Wake up every day to the realization,
That nothing's gonna change, 'cause we're all insane.

Isolation on a big plantation,
Working for construction of a classicide,
Found my salvation in The Revelation,
Ain't no sense goin' around asking why.

Isolation in this situation,
Is better than listening to cowards cry,
Fornication in isolation,
Is better than watching all my Loved ones die.
Isolation from the Great, Big Lie.
Leaves of creation so our sins can hide,
Please forgive this morbid salutation,
Total isolation's like a suicide.

-Robert Kope


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  • 6 years ago

    by Shruti

    & welcome to poems & quotes.
    I love this poem. How did it get so less rating?
    I give it a 5. It's simply interesting.

    • 6 years ago

      by Robert Kope

      Thanks You. Since this poem only has two votes, the other must have been a 2