Robert Kope

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B.S. Kent State University
A.S. Electronic Engineering Tech
Editor/Founder of "Hourly Monthly" newsletter
Renowned social media poet and comic
MVP Steubenville Church League softball champion "Finley Methodist" 1983
MVP National Champion (Grand Ole Opry) Steubenville Big Red concert band 1978
Huge Eddie Poe fan, love sarcasm and the use of assimilation to enhance communication

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  • Age : 59
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  • Country : USA, Ohio
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Latest Poems By Robert Kope

  • A babe arrived with shrouded skin,
    The black and blue showed where she'd been...

  • Going to court alone Friday, nobody else but God...
    Your love is all i need...

  • The plant i found was not so tall,
    It did not look like much at all...

  • In the morning, she's my glory,
    Never know what she might say...

  • Been thinking about what things I can sell,
    To buy another bottle...

Latest Quotes By Robert Kope

  • Will never be a little gear in the machine. Will always delve past the surface motion that is imprecise, searching for the essential Truth of the scene, seeking the static and precise that lies beneath The Lie.

    6 years ago
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